3 Steps to your Great and Daring Retirement Adventure

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Kind, compassionate, and wise support.

As I worked with Paul, I immediately felt a deep listening on his part. It gave me a freedom to go into my core issues and deepest longings about my life, interests and career.

As a result I have made some dramatic steps to bring about what I have been wishing for.

Sally Washabaugh , Massage Therapist, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The webinar was easy to follow, user friendly, and informative

Thanks, the webinar was easy to follow, user friendly and informative. The information leaves room for reflection and ongoing inquiry of personal style and thinking. I like the idea of exploring the ideas through discussion and coaching. Nicely done!

Gena Rotas , Founder/Owner, Gena Rotas Enterprises

Good, Creative Work

I applaud you for your good, creative work. Your dedication, passion and persistence are reflective of the conscious elderhood you are growing into and modeling for others.

Ron Pevny , Founder, Director Center for Conscious Eldering

A New Beginning

Paul’s workshop introduced me to a process for moving toward a new beginning after a life changing event. The practical exercises and group sharing were really helpful.

Steve Porcella, , Workshop Participant

Choices Today and Tomorrow

An unusual opportunity to explore one's values, find what impact they have on your choices today, and how they will influence future choices.

Barbara Gale Jack

My Truth.

Thank you so much for helping me speak my truth.

Julia Soto Lebentritt , Author, Caregiver Advocate