About Paul Carter – GoRefire

Hi there! I’m Paul Carter.

I’m excited about living in a time when we are facing something called Catastrophic Climate Change. Don’t get me wrong. Climate Catastrophe is not something I’m looking forward to. It has taken me years to work through the grief I feel about this. But having come to terms with this new reality, I  now see life with a new sense of adventure.

Born into a family of ministers, missionaries, and fund raisers, I started out as an American Baptist minister with degrees from Bucknell University, Colgate Rochester Theological Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary.

However, I soon discovered that my true calling lay not so much inside the parish ministry as outside on the streets, and in the daily lives of ordinary people. So working with individuals and organizations where I once lived in Lenox, Massaschusetts and where I live now in Guanajuato, Mexico, I have created this blog in which I share my own experiences, and the tools I have found over a lifetime to help people face Near Term Human Extinction with a sense of adventure.

The workshops I offer ntroduce the basic concepts, attitudes and tools. My one-to-one coaching sessions acknowledge the difficulty of putting these things into practice without outside support. And my sliding scale fees and scholarships make these programs available to everyone.

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