About Paul Carter – GoRefire

Paul CarterWhen I turned 80, my friends and colleagues said to me,

“whatever you’re drinking, Paul, we want some, because you look and act amazing for your age.”

So I started this blog and turned my lifelong advocacy skills toward helping people refire for an amazing retirement. 

Born into a family of ministers, missionaries, and fund raisers, I started out as an American Baptist minister with degrees from Bucknell University, Colgate Rochester Theological Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary.

However, I soon discovered that my true calling lay not so much inside the parish ministry as outside on the streets, and in the daily lives of ordinary people. My career reflects my thinking that listening to one’s inner voice as well as other people’s needs is key to an amazing life. During my varied and fulfilling career I have served individuals and organizations in ways ranging from helping churches seeking to engage with their communities to assisting individuals seeing to express their talents through marketing and entrepreneurship.

On my 80th birthday September 13, 2015 I said:

“What better way can I serve now, than by helping others resist the temptation to slide into retirement and other typical patterns of old age and to refire themselves for their best days ahead?”

So working with individuals and organizations where I live in Lenox, Massaschusetts and around the world, I have created this blog in which I share my own experiences, and the tools I have found over a lifetime to help people refire, and create an amazing life.

My workshops introduce the basic concepts, attitudes and tools. My one-to-one sessions and support groups acknowledge the difficulty of putting these things into practice without outside support.

For more information, contact paulc@GoRefire.com.