My Bucket List – Part 5: Knock Your Bucket List Out of the Park in 2018

For many of us creating accountability in our lives is key to making a new Bucket List item happen or following through on a promise to ourselves.

Picking up the thread of previous posts,…

writer's groupI’m thinking about how to shape up my Bucket List to knock some items out of the park in 2018. And I know being part of an accountability group with other like-minded folks will be the key to starting off on the right foot.

Why Join a Bucket List Accountability Group?

Humans are social creatures, and group dynamics make us do fascinating things. I know this because I am usually more productive in my writing when I am part of a writer’s group. For example, for more than a year I would meet with a group in the Lenox, Massachusetts Public Library every Wednesday . We would read to each other excerpts of what we had written the previous week. And we would help each other improve our writing. But more importantly,  as part of this group I achieved one of my long wished for bucket items – to write my first  ever poetry. 

There are many reasons accountability groups help me get such things done. Here are a few:

  • They give me a useful structure. The group helps me have useful discussions and find solutions to what is blocking me.
  • I get new perspectives and ideas. When I spend too much time thinking by myself for too long, my thoughts become stale. The group reveals new insight by asking good question, suggesting options, and giving tips from their own experiences.
  • I feel supported. It’s easy to feel isolated. Just hearing that other people can face similar challenges can be very reassuring. And providing support for others is also very gratifying.
  • It’s something fun and different. I find it fun to do something new, talk about what I really want in my life, and meet new people who share a common interest.
  • I get accountability. Whatever I do or don’t do, the group knows. I find this useful.

What Would a Bucket List Accountability Group Look Like?

The kind of group I have in mind will include up to ten members who have very specific interests in common.

  • Members may post their ideas, plans, and updates to a private website.
  • Members will be encouraged to comment and make suggestions on each others’ posts.
  • The group may or may not meet together regularly via tele- or web-conference.

How I Plan to Create an Accountability Group

Now that I am living six months out of the year in Guanajuato, Mexico, getting to my Lenox based writer’s group is not so easy. And it’s also not so easy finding others who are interested in creating and following through on my current interest –  my deep bucket list for living a regret free life. So I’m going to create my own –  online. Here’s the plan.

I will invite people. The first ten to join will be considered founding members. They will participate in setting meeting time, agenda, etc. 

The session will be part virtual conference, part strategy deep dive. Everyone who attends will walk away with a clear, actionable plan for how to structure and organize their 2018 deep bucket list that will save them time and knock their items out of the park.

What if you were to participate?

Here’s a few ideas you might want to consider:

  • Imagine what regrets you might have in the future, and how you’d like to head them off at the pass.
  • What would your ideal future look like?
    • Your ideal state of physical health
    • Your ideal state of emotional health
    • Your ideal living environment (and who greets you when you walk in the door?)
    • Your ideal spiritual life
    • Your ideal personal relationships
  • What items could you add to deepen your bucket list for your ideal future?
    • For physical health: Take a 20-minute walk each day. Sign up for a class.
    • For emotional health: In the shower, count my blessings. Sincerely thank two people each day.
    • For living environment: Give warm hellos and goodbyes. Hug more, kiss more. 
    • For spiritual life: Read part of a spiritual classic every day. Do a gratitude meditation daily.
    • For personal relationships: Make it a practice to listen and restate accurately what someone says before responding.
  • What’s holding you back?

Stay tuned.

While this Bucket List Accountability Group is not yet available, stay tuned. I expect it will be soon to help you knock some of your Bucket List items out of the park in 2018.

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