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Healthy Snacks for Meetings

When I attend meetings and seminars, I am often faced with the usual heaping tray of doughnuts and pastries. They look scrumptious, and I am sorely tempted by my gut. But my head knows they are empty-calorie foods filled with fat and sugar. And they are lacking in nutrition. Plus, I know they may put me to …

My easy, basic menu

I like an easy, basic menu, so I don’t have to re-invent the wheel at each meal time. This menu is not for everyone, but it works for me – AND I lost 20 unwanted pounds and gained lots of muscle during the first three months I used it together with my exercise program.

My nutrition program

I never was much for deprivation. That’s why I’m not on a “diet.” Yet, ever since my late forties, I’ve known that getting conscious about what I eat is one of the most important things I can do to live better and longer.

Nutrition counts

Here’s my first “selfie” on board American Airlines flight 43Y bound from Detroit for Dallas/Fort Worth airport on route to visit my kids in California.

Let the journey begin.

Today, my friend Ken Nelson, dropped me off in town, where I boarded the Peter Pan bus bound from Lenox, Massachusetts, for New York City, where tomorrow I’ll catch a flight to Detroit to visit my sister Jan and kin for a few days. Then, it’s on to California to visit daughters Mary and Laura plus …