Contribution counts

Thanksgiving feastIt was Thanksgiving day, and we were all gathered around the table for the traditional turkey feast. Something was missing.

Clown contributionAh yes. The clowns! The clowns were missing. It was the kids to made this contribution – the fifth priority for a quality and long life.

So even if I have my health, good relationships, am fully engaged with my passion(s), and am continuously growing, I find something is missing in my life if I’m focused only on myself. I feel most part of a meal if I’ve brought a dish, or most part of a conversation, if I have a comment to offer, or most part of a party if I’m contributing to the fun.

I think that’s what’s behind my decision to go to the Caribbean as a volunteer. Well, to be honest, my first impulse was to find a place warmer than New England to spend the winter. But the thought of just lying around on beaches drinking rum really didn’t do it for me. It was only when I researched the possibilities of making a contribution to the countries I’d visit that I really got excited about this winter’s adventure.

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