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Dawn Wain at 84 Creates Wearable Art for Women with an Attitude

Dawn Wain

Dawn Wain was told that she was universally allergic. But she started to collect things of nature – little stones, shells, and sticks, and twigs – and started making things out of them. She says

They got me to see how beautiful they were, and just like people, all different.

Dawn Wain Necklace

These things talk. You just have to learn to be quiet and listen. They tell you what to do.


Many of Dawn’s clients have homes all over the world. And when they go to big social events, instead of wearing their diamonds, they wear her pieces. Dawn says:

They’re women with attitude. And they don’t apologize for getting old. When they walk into a room and people stop them, they tell the history of the piece, and they become the center of attention.

Dawn Wain NecklaceWhen growing up, Dawn’s big thing was being afraid of a lot. It took her a long time to learn that what makes life worthwhile is love.

First I had to learn to love me, to love people, and most importantly how to love God as an every day part of your life. It’s about doing the right things, but also a nice feeling of never being alone – always being taken care of, and everything being alright, and overwhelmed with beautiful skies, and people. Here I am in this tiny little living space, and I’m feeling grateful for that. It’s wonderful.

When asked what it’s like to be an older person, Dawn says:

I never dreaded old age because I was conscious of places like China where older people were respected, and not looked down on. It’s only been a little surprising that in this country in particular that that’s not the way for everybody here when they get older.

I want people to hear what I have to say. They can disagree, but at least listen to me. Don’t assume that I don’t know anything

I do feel that as an older person, I have to fight for a lot. For example, I really listen to what doctors have to say. But after many visits I often end up not agreeing with them, and wanting to discuss it with them. But some are not willing to do that. Inside I get very angry about that.

Dawn says she doesn’t know how long she’s going to live. And that’s OK.

I feel like there are some big surprises coming.

When asked what she would say to inspire people, she says:

You have to learn how to be healthy, and you have to stick up for yourself.

Paul Carter

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Mary Lou Frisch - 9 months ago

I have been collecting the pieces by Dawn Wain since I was in my productive years! I have at least 10 pieces. They are statements and they are stunning. No matter when or where I wear them, someone comments or touches them. Amazingly, they are also timeless. In fact, since they are so unique and because many of the pieces were deservedly expensive, I actually willed them to my niece. She’s always wanted them.
I was thrilled to see the story on Dawn. I was looking for her so that I could find her work and ask her about repairs. You made my day. Dawn wain is timeless also. She will always be on that edge and her creativity and the passion she has will always be contemporary and ahead of her time. Thanks so much for the story.

Paul Carter - 9 months ago

Thank you, Mary Lou

Maggy Graham - 8 months ago

Thank you for this lovely piece on Dawn Wain. She is a very special person and her pieces are filled with the grace, strength, beauty and spirituality that personify Dawn. I have many pieces, wear them often and always have people ask me about them. I hope this is a fairly recent interview.

sheila ezratty - 7 months ago

Always loved her work and the woman that created them. I saved every personal business card she handed out so freely at shows, all of which are art in themselves. The feather the shells. Please be well and continue your journey.
Thank you for being.

Paul Carter - 7 months ago

Thank you Sheila.

Leila - 7 months ago

So wonderful to see her interviewed! I love Dawn’s work and have missed seeing her at the usual shows. I would love to know how to get ahold of her and where I might be able to purchase more of her work- such a brilliant, creative soul.

Paul Carter - 7 months ago

Thanks you Leila,
I have been trying to reach Dawn for the past six months or so with no luck. I’m currently traveling, but will continue to search her out on my return home.

    Leila - 7 months ago

    Hi Paul,

    That’s distressing to hear, but thank you for the update. Please let us all know if you find out more.

    Jacqui - 6 months ago


    Please let us all know if you are able to reach Dawn. I’ve been searching for her for several months and would lvoe to reconnect with her again.

    Many thanks for the wonderful article.

Paul Carter - 6 months ago

You are welcome, Jacqui. I, as well, have been trying for several months to contact Dawn. I am traveling right now, so am unable to do the sleuthing in person. As soon as I’m back in Massachusetts, I’ll follow up.

Virginia - last week

Hello all, I am in contact with Dawn. If anyone would like to reach her please feel free to shoot me an email and I will pass the message along to her daughter. Vwakoluk@yahoo


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