My Deep Bucket List – Part 3: Why and How I Estimated My Date with Destiny

In this post, I will share with you why and how I took the first step in reverse engineering my deep bucket list – estimating my date with destiny.

This story is the continuation of two previous posts in which I shared my decision to:

  • not wait until I was at the end of my life to find out who I truly am, and
  • to reverse engineer my bucket list, to become that person. 

reverse engineeringI’m learning that reverse engineering a bucket list is about three experiences:

  1. Estimating my date with destiny
  2. Re-discovering who I really am
  3. Choosing bucket list items that will support who I really am.

But before sharing with you how to estimate your date with destiny – a warning! Not everyone responds well to knowing this. If you think you are one who does not, you have the option to proceed no further. Otherwise, read on. I’ll share my thinking about the Why, What, How, and an Experiment I tried on estimating and keeping track of my date with destiny.

Why estimate my date with destiny?

I know, I know. Death is not a very popular topic in our culture. In fact, most of us avoid it like a dog turd on the sidewalk. Notice, even here I’m using the euphemism date with destiny. But for me, it was a no-brainer to estimate my date with death. I did a google search, and found a few sites where I put in a few facts about myself. And voila! I came up with the estimate of about seven years and six months from now.

I can’t tell you exactly why I was so curious about this. But I can tell you these things about how I responded to my experiment.

  1. An overall good feeling. I was enormously happy to discover my estimate was that far into the future. At eight-two years right now, I have watched quite a few peers pass on. I’m enormously grateful for the state of well-being I experience right now. And knowing that my personal data suggests I will have a number of years more to enjoy that state, gives me a good feeling.
  2. Renewed commitment to fitness. Then I got to thinking that with that number of years ahead, I had best get back into my fitness recipe. Ordinarily, I am quite consciousness about my nutrition and exercise. But for the past few months I had slacked off on my strength training. Sure, I had excuses, like I had been traveling back and forth between the USA and Mexico. So I hadn’t had room to pack my yoga mat. Plus I had just been too busy, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, I have gotten my butt back in gear on the strength training front, and even put together an eBook on how I do it (more about this later).
  3. Determination to really focus on who I am. My third impulse has been to pay more attention to who I really am, and deepen my bucket list of help me discover, or re-discover that. I’m now reading Bronnie Ware’s book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Bronnie worked for many years in palliative care. Again and again she found that the number one regret of people in their last hours was: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. … So that’s my focus now that I have my estimate.

What is an estimate of my date with destiny?

There wasn’t much to it really. It was just a matter of inputting a few numbers about my date of birth, and how I take care of myself. And with all the data available these days, given the right calculations, a number pops up. For me, the trick will be how I make use of that estimate in the future.

How do I make good use of my estimate?

I have played around with this quite a bit in the last few weeks. Having my date might just be another piece to satisfy my intellectual curiosity once my feelings of either terror or gratitude have settled down. Or it might be the fuel that moves me to deepen my bucket list.

I have chosen the latter. And I do it by keeping that date in front of me every day, plus a countdown of the number of years, days, hours, and even seconds I have left. I find that helps me focus on what’s really important every moment. And it creates in me enormous curiosity about how others would respond to an estimate of their date with destiny.

Step by step instructions

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to estimate and use your date with destiny.