Is it time to change how you define your own retirement?

Rocking chair retirement?When Social Security was started back in 1935, the typical retirement was set at the age of 65. Guess what the average life expectancy was then? The age of 65!

No wonder that back then our typical idea of retirement then was “…withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life.” And that’s what it still is according to Merriam-Webster and the mainstream.

But today, when we expect to live well into our 80s and beyond, isn’t it time we changed our thinking?

Paul Carter, Retirement Mentor, will lead a discussion group of the Universalist Unitarian Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the purpose of helping attendees express their own, unique definition. (Non UUs are welcome.) He will provide tools to help participants go inward, cut through social conditioning and commercial doctrines, and tap into deep inner knowing about how each of us in our own way really wants to live vitally and joyfully to the end of our days. Then using the Wisdom Circle method, participants will be encouraged to share their ideas confidentially and to benefit from each other’s accumulated wisdom.

For attendees who want to go more deeply into what Carter calls reFirement, he will describe and offer discounts to his upcoming six session online program The reFirement Map: How to Navigate the 5 Most Common Challenges to Find Meaning, Purpose, and Joy in Retirement.

Join the discussion: Sunday, September 3rd from 3:00 to 5:00 Mexico (Central US) time.

Cost: free

Location: The home of Ellie Goodwin, San Miguel de Allende

Contact: to reserve your spot and for directions.