Encore: The 5 Most Common Challenges to Meaning, Purpose, And Joy in Retirement

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Friday September 29, 7PM Eastern (4PM Pacific)

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For most of us, the challenge of retirement seems to revolve around money.

But wait! Here’s something to think about.

Is money the real challenge? Or is it how we THINK about retirement and money?

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to step back and consider the possibility that what might be holding you back from being fully engaged in the final chapter of your life is not money after all. In fact, money, or your concern about it might be the very thing that can propel you forward into a whole new adventure.

In this webinar Paul will walk you through these 5 challenges to reFiring your life in any situation so you can get unstuck, make the difference you’re here to make, and  turn your life around in a way that feels authentic.

In this preview webinar, Paul will serve up a deep dish presentation of the first challenge. This challenge is how people either answer or refuse the call to a more meaningful, purposeful, and joyous retirement than the one that is typically expected in mainstream culture. He will also give a sample platter of the other four challenges which he will go into more deeply in the full 6-session October Webinar series.

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About Paul Carter

Carter started his career as an ordained American Baptist Minister in the USA. He eventually realized that his true calling was mentoring people to take their retirement to a new level in spirit (not necessarily religious). He calls this new level of retirement reFirement.

His interest in engineering from a very young age taught him the paradox that structure brings freedom. So he created The reFirement Map a structured, yet flexible, practical guide to uplevel one’s retirement. He now shares this with his clients and teaches it online.

Carter  publishes reFirement tips on his blog. He also speaks, consults, and mentors in-person and via the web.