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mBit Coaching

 mBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Technique

Why is mBIT important to the coaching process?

Most of our ways of being in this culture are head oriented. That is, our head brains are calling the shots. And for this reason, our lives and culture are sadly out of balance and self-defeating.

three intelligencesBut neuroscience is investigating intelligences in our whole body other than simply the brain in our heads. And some psychologists and behavior researchers are discovering that in order to make significant changes in our lives we need to draw on these other intelligences of our body to guide us toward more healthy and fulfilling ways being.

What is mBIT?

mBIT is a revolutionary, pragmatic process that is based on using these other bodily intelligences – our heart brain and gut brain, as well as our head brain. mBIT empowers us to do what both ancient wisdom and our every day language has long known- to achieve higher states of being and doing.

How do we use our multiple intelligences?

What blocks us from moving forward to achieve our dreams is often when these three intelligences are in conflict with each other. Through specific mBIT techniques of guided meditation we can become more aware of our multiple intelligences, bring them into alignment, and bring to bear the full force of all three intelligences to refire our lives.

What is ReFirement Coaching?
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