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Moving Beyond Fear and Uncertainty

Thanksgiving week is a perfect time to move beyond fear and uncertainty by expressing our gratitude.

Hi there, Paul Carter here.

This is thanksgiving week here in Western Massachusetts. And it’s a perfect time for us to express our gratitude. I woke up this morning and put together a list of my own things that I’m grateful for.

Fear and uncertainty in the world

But you know there’s a lot of fear and anxiety in the world. And these videos I’m producing are all about reFirement, and finding the kind of life that you always wanted. But it’s really hard to do that if you’re in fear, or anxiety, or uncertainty.

The best antidote to fear is gratitude

The best antidote I know for that is gratitude. So Thanksgiving is a perfect time to do that. This is a holiday that we here in the United States celebrate. So I invite you, wherever you are, to take a moment and think about all those things that you’re grateful for. So, let’s go out there and reFire.

Now it’s your turn.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about fear and uncertainty in the world and how you deal with them. If not with gratitude, what works for you? How do you plan to be this holiday season?

Paul Carter

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