What is Paul doing now?

Autumn in Lenox, MassachusettsI’m back from Costa Rica at my home in Lenox, Massachusetts, USA, where I will. . .

  • prepare for my next workshops
  • live my own reFirement story

Besides that I’m focused on…

  • hiking, bicycling, strength training, meditating, eating healthy food
  • blogging about how I create the life I’ve always wanted
  • creating a video series about Pura Vida
  • coaching people through life transitions
  • figuring out how to live with the Tump administation


  • considering launching an online workshop
  • considering running a workshop for expats

These are my priorities. I say no to everything else: conferences, new projects.

If you have feedback or suggestions for posts, email paulc@gorefire.com.

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page and maybe create a new post and/or video. Probably the best way to get notified of what’s new is to subscribe here. Last update: November 14, 2016. (Page inspired by Derek Sivers.)