Nutrition counts

Paul on route to DallasHere’s my first “selfie” on board American Airlines flight 43Y bound from Detroit for Dallas/Fort Worth airport on route to visit my kids in California.

I was early enough at the airport to catch the flight ahead of the one booked. But the early “departure” was offset by an hour and a half take-off delay due to a faulty cockpit instrument.

2014-11-24 14.50.49Finally underway, a local baby pipes up. I grin and bear it, as you can see. A shot of Jack Daniels takes the edge off.

My nutrition program is not without alcohol. Everything in moderation, including a little red wine with dinner – good for the heart, my cardiologist says.

Arriving at Dallas/Fort Worth airport an hour and a half late, I miss my connection to San Diego. So there’s time to explore this magnificent airport. Taking the “Sky Bridge,” I go in search of a restaurant in the International Terminal D.

A selfie on the moving walkway at Dallas -Fort Worth airportI learn an important lesson – don’t take a selfie while on one of those moving belt walkways. If you come to the end of the belt and you’re still gazing into your cell phone, you’re likely to take a spectacular fall. After scrambling back to my feet, collecting my belongings and my pride, I treated myself to a delicious Mexican dinner in terminal D.

After continuing on to San Diego, daughter Mary and grand daughter Anya pick me up, and take me to their home in the California high desert.

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