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Opening new doors

As we age, it is easy to focus on things we can no longer do, and thus enter a downward spiral ending in depression and despair. When you find this is happening to you, here is a simple exercise to help you reverse that downward spiral and turn it into an upward spiral toward the life you always wanted.


    Opening new doors

  • Find a quiet place where you can breathe deeply, and focus on your heart area.
    Imagine a favorite tune.
  • Now, list 5 things that you can no longer do.
  • Then list 5 things that are possible new doors for you.
    These may be things that you have always wanted to do,  but haven’t done. Or they may be new activities  you had not considered in the past.
  • Choose one of these new doors, and develop a plan for making it happen.
  • Center yourself again in quiet or with imagined music.
  • Express gratitude in some way for the new door that you have opened.
Paul Carter

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