Pura Vida, Part 10: – The Secret Gardens

Join us as we explore Pura Vida in the Secret Gardens

Hi there. Paul Carter here in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.

Today we’ll be visiting the Secret Gardens in the vicinity of Chirripo Mountain here in Costa Rica. We’re joined by owner Berman Blanco and his translator Allan Calderon. And we’ll be following Wendy Crews as she walks silently through the Secret Gardens.

(Bernon – translated by Allan) Hello. My name is Bernon Blanco. I’m the owner of the Secret Gardens. We began with the Secret Garden twenty-three years ago. The Secret Garden is one hectare and a half with five (sources of) spring water. And we also have on kilometer of hiking trails.

(Wendy is hiking)

(Bernon) We have several kinds of plants: Heliconia, Bromelia, Orchilia, and several more. We have a place here where you can have a beautiful view. You can see Chirripo (Mountain) from here. An excellent view. The tour lasts for about one hour.

We also have in the Secret Garden a restaurant. We sell typical (Costa Rican) food like coffee, tortilla, typical fruit from this area. 

The Secret Garden and the saying Pura Vida means that everything is so good, everything is so nice, everything is beautiful

Now we are going to walk a little bit on the hiking trails around the Secret Gardens.

Here we have the first spring water. We have some kind of fishes, and some plants that live in the water. We have several kind of Bromelia. We have more than one hundred kinds of Bromelias. This is one of the several kinds of Bromelias we have here like the one Bernon has in his right hand. It’s a beautiful, beautiful plant.

As you can see here we have some orchids. You can see the flowers of this beautiful plant. You can find several kinds of orchids here in this secret garden. 

In this part of the hiking trail we can find this kind of grass. This kind of grass is called Blue Grass. When it’s raining a lot it holds the water (so that) not all the water comes down toward the hiking trail.

Also, the name of this plant is Citronella. It is typically used to make a kind of perfume – to clean the roof and all kinds of things.

This beautiful plant we can see here is named Agave in Spanish. It is very tall. You can see it is more than one meter and a half. 

Here at The Secret Garden we are in a place like a balcony. You can see the mountains. You can see Chirripo from here – Serra Ventisqueros. That’s one of the biggest peaks on Chirripo. You can see it from here. You can see a lot of mountains – a lot of nature.

(Wendy is hiking)

(Bernon) It’s a beautiful place. So I recommend you visit The Secret Gardens.

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This is Paul Carter, Let’s go out there, and reFire.

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