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Pura Vida, Part 2: Siberia Eco Lodge

John Bisner shows Paul Carter Pura Vida at Siberia Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

Hi There. Paul Carter here, in Costa Rica. If you saw my last video, you know I arrived here on the day of the Festival of Lights in San Isridro. And part of my wanderings around that day I happened upon a booth operated by a writers and editors group. And as I happen to be part of a group like that back home, I stopped by.

And I met a gentleman by the name of John Bisner, who invited me to come up to a place in the mountains to experience Pura Vida. 

Yes, John has brought me up here in what he calls Siberia, a beautiful place. This is a cabin that’s being built. It’s still in process. 

(John) Welcome to Siberia Eco Lodge. Here, we’re standing in one of the log cabins that we’re rebuilding. This is a very nice place in the woods of Siberia San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, where you can come and experience the Purda Vida life of Costa Rica.

(Paul) We’re still in the rainy season up here in the mountains, so we can’t see the beautiful blue sky or hear the birdsong, but there’s plenty to do anyway. 

(John) I’d like to show you where the shiitaki mushrooms are. These pieces of wood where these holes are is where the seed for the shiitaki mushrooms go. They are planted in this type of wood. And they are stacked together like this. And we just wait for some time and they start growing. And we pick that up in a very organic, natural process, and then we eat them.

There you can see some of the shiitaki mushrooms growing out. They aren’t really big mushrooms. These are just small ones, just coming up. They grow in these holes, and then we pick them up and get them ready to eat. Beautiful, healthy, tasty – they are magnificent.

Here we have Lucille and her daughter. They are cooking some beautiful shiitaki mushrooms. And we are about to enjoy them. They are beautiful. And the smell. I know you can see them with the camera, but you cannot smell them. The smell is just really beautiful. Very appetizing.

Now a little bit of soup. Have some plantains over here. A little bit of salad. The grape juice, and the shiitaki is coming. Enjoy.

And Lucille is a very good cook, an excellent cook. 

We Ticos live a different style of life that we like to call Pura Vida. It’s something that we’d like the world to see in such a small nation that you can live in peace with the neighbors, with the friends,  with your family, with everyone. It’s OK if you have disagreements. That’s part of life. But we don’t have to have armies to have people’s respect. You earn their respect by how you conduct yourself, how you conduct your business, how you make your life as well. 

We admire the old people very much because of their wisdom that they have and can share with us. As a Costa Rican I’m very happy and pleased with what we are and how we live our lives in this country.

(Paul) John Bisner is an incredible resource for experiencing Pura Vida, not only in his writings, but also in his contacts among the Costa Rican people. So I’ve left his contact information down below.


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John Bisner’s Contacts:

John’s Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/BCSLLC
John’s “Chopped” Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UrenaPicado/?fref=ts
Siberia Eco Lodge Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/siberiaecolodge/?fref=ts
John’s email address: jbisner@gmail.com
John’s phone number: 506.8530.5072
Paul Carter

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Carol Blair Vaughn - last year


Thanks for introducing me to Siberia!! I particularly liked the iron stove the ladies were cooking on — how was the soup??

So cool to see how Shitake mushrooms are grown; I hope you brought some back
for later.

Looking forward to your next blog!


    Paul Carter - last year

    You are welcome Carol. This Siberia is certainly not what I expected.

Paul Carter - last year

Thanks for your comment, Carol. The soup was incredible, as was the rest of the meal. The whole atmosphere of this feast was Pura Vida.

Darn! I didn’t bring back any mushrooms. Next time for sure.

John Bisner - last year

Imagine yourself being “Pure Life”.

Many people in the world have turned their attention to Ticos, they wonder why Costa Ricans use the term “Pura Vida”? In Costa Rica, the phrase has been present in its feel and language for the last 50 years. For the Ticos, the meaning of “pura vida” is deep, they feel it and they wear it tattooed in their soul. These two words give off the flow of a peaceful and hardworking culture that loves life; the Ticos feel great GRATITUDE for what God has given them. Therefore, with pride and a smile on the face you will see in this majestic country happy and happiness regardless of the adversities they face daily.

What many foreigners do not understand or draw from this idiom is that these two magnificent words are interpreted in many positive ways as “calmness, peace, enjoy everything in life, everything is fine, a hello, a goodbye with a sincere smile, this is life and I am happy¨, and many more. Then, Pure Life! Simply means that no matter the problem or current situation you are going through, in life there will always be a person more unfortunate than you. If you think about it, you will realize that where you stand is not so bad; no matter how little or much you have, you need to learn to be happy, show gratitude for life, much or little you cannot take with you when depart from this world.

Life is short, you have to learn how to live it, it is best to do it with a “pure life” attitude, which could be seen as a gift, a legacy of the Ticos to the world, so think, and be transformed positively. To show a button, Costa Rica, has no army, has remained in peace showing that guns and wars do not lead to anything good in life; there is a new style of living and living in peace and tranquility, that form of life is “PURA VIDA¨ which, lies in the humility, simplicity and heart of every Costa Rican wherever they may be. Come, visit Costa Rica, get to know and share with the people the best life can offer you, discover the peace and tranquility of nature, the warmth of its beaches and the warmth of the Ticos, who are “Pura Vida” – Pure-Life .

Sincerely your friend always,

John F. Bisner Ureña

*** Spanish version:

Imagínate siendo ¨Pura Vida¨.

Muchas personas en el mundo han puesto la mira en los Ticos, ellos se preguntan ¿por qué los costarricenses utilizan tanto la expresión ¨Pura Vida¨? En Costa Rica, la frase ha estado presente en su sentir y lenguaje por los últimos 50 años. Para los Ticos, el significado de ¨pura vida¨ es profundo, lo sienten y lo llevan tatuado en su alma. Estas dos palabras desprenden el fluir de una cultura pacifica y trabajadora que ama la vida; los Ticos sienten una gran GRATITUD por lo que Dios les ha otorgado. Por tanto, con orgullo y una sonrisa en su rostro los veras en este majestuoso país felices y contentos sin importar las adversidades que afronten a diario.

Lo que muchos extranjeros no comprenden o les atrae de este modismo, es que estas dos magnificas palabras se interpretan de muchas formas positivas como ¨tranquilidad, paz, disfrutar todo en la vida, que todo está bien, un hola que tal, un adiós con una sonrisa sincera, esto es vida y soy feliz¨, y tantas más. Entonces, ¡Pura Vida! Simple y sencillamente quiere decir que no importa el problema o situación actual que estas pasando, en la vida siempre existirá una persona más desafortunada que tú. Si reflexionas al respecto, te darás cuenta que donde estas parado no es tan malo; no importa lo poco o mucho que tengas, con lo que tienes aprende a ser feliz, muestra gratitud por la vida, mucho o poco no te lo puedes llevar contigo al partir de este mundo.

La vida es corta, hay que saberla vivir, lo mejor es hacerlo con una actitud ¨pura vida¨, la cual se podría ver como un regalo, un legado de los Ticos para el mundo, para que recapaciten, piensen y se transformen positivamente. Para muestra un botón, Costa Rica, no tiene ejercito, se ha mantenido en paz mostrando que las armas y las guerras no conducen a nada bueno en la vida; existe un estilo nuevo de vivir y convivir en paz y tranquilidad, esa forma ¨PURA VIDA¨ yace en la humildad, sencillez y corazón de todo costarricense donde quiera que estén. Venga, conozca Costa Rica, comparta con su gente lo mejor que la vida pueda ofrecerte, descubra la paz y la tranquilidad de la naturaleza, el calor de sus playas y la calidez de los ticos, que son ¨Pura Vida¨- Pure-Life.

Sinceramente tu amigo de siempre,

John F. Bisner Ureña

    Paul Carter - last year

    Thanks, John, for your very rich addition to our conversation about Pura Vida.

    Paul Carter - last year

    Well said, John!

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