Pura Vida, Part 5: – And Wine

What does Pura Vida have to do with wine making?

(Paul) Hi There. Paul Carter here in Costa Rica on New Year’s Eve day. And today we’ll be talking with Victor Julio Mora Vargas, who is owner of the Don Julian Winery in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. And We’ll be helped by John Bisner translating.

(Victor – John translating) My name is Victor Mora Vargas. We’re here in Barrio Monserrat in Perez Zeledon Costa Rica in the Don Julian Winery.

Back in 1996 I was working for the INA of Perez Zeledo. And I stopped working for them to initiate my project. I wanted to sell wine to the world. And it was a little bit difficult, but I started my adventure with Don Julian. That’s when it was born.

At the time my idea was to create a different product – a product from the region – a good product that will give really good value and quality.

In Costa Rica we produce a lot of different types of wine, (but) these wines are very commercial. They are very good wines – good quality, but very commercial. The wines that Don Julian produces are organic. They don’t have any chemicals. They are all produced organically. 

We started the business with a nice sweet hint of grape wine. It was very nice. It was very good, but then I started to worry about having more variety for people. Not only grape wine, but give people the chance to choose from different types of organic wine. And that is what makes the difference when you drink the wine. 

The main production plant (was) in Division, Perez Zeledon. That is where I started it. And about two years ago we moved over here. And here is where we have all the production now of the Don Julian wines. 

Here in Costa Rica when we feel happy, when we enjoy life, that’s what we call Pura Vida. When you enjoy life, and you’re happy doing what you’re doing, that’s what we call Pura Vida – the pure life. 

That’s very good. (Victor) said when you drink one of his wines, and you have a nice glass of wine Don Julian, it’s actually a much better pure life – a more enjoyable life.

(John) Victor has here something that strikes my mind as well. And he’s making wine out of Mangustan. Mangustan is a fruit that looks like a big grape, and it’s purple color, and it’s very delicious. And he’s making wine out of that. And in my life so far, I don’t know of a place or anywhere, actually, in the world that has this type of wine. It is really, really, really amazing. And I really tip my hat to him, because this is great what he is doing over here. And I think we all should be open to diversity, not only to people, but to the different types of wine that could be processed organically, and using basically almost any fruit as you can see. It’s not only grapes. He makes wine out of almost any kind of fruit. It is great. Muy bueno. Pura Vida! It is great. 

(Victor – John translating) In adversity, when I’m feeling down, when I feel really that there is no way out, I’m thankful, and I feel loved for what I do. And I believe. I believe in myself.

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