Pura Vida, Part 8: – and Bread

What does Pura Vida have to do with baking bread?

Hi There. Paul Carter here in Costa Rica.

Today we’ll be talking with David and his sister Gretel in Chimirol, Costa Rica at a farmer’s market where they’ll be selling their baked goods.

And with the help of Wendy Crews translating, they’ll tell us what their baking business and their life have to do with Pura Vida.

(David) Hello. My name is David, and I have a bakery in Canaan. I live in Canaan de Rivas.

I have a big family. We live on the mountain, and we like it, like Pura Vida. 

Here we have chocolate cake, Chilian tort, multi-grain, jalapeno bread, civada, baguette, whole wheat bread, and whole wheat bread without salt. And here, traditional Costa Rican cookies. 

Today we are in Chimirol de Rivas at the farmer’s market. It’s a very rural place. It’s very traditional for visitors to come and buy the local products. 

This is my sister Gretel, who works with me in the bakery where we make bread. She will explain why we make bread. 

(Gretel) Very good. We make bread because it’s a passion of ours. It’s a way to relieve stress. Making bread is very beautiful. I think it is something very interesting, because we can share it with the family. I have three brothers doing this. 

We are Pura Vida, because we are a people that like to work that like to have fun.

Then, the clients arrive, because we are Pura Vida people.

(David) We are a Pura Vida people because we are workers, we are humble. We are friendly, fun, and cheerful. Because we have Costa Rica blood.

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