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ReFirement Coaching

Why use ReFirement Coaching?

ReFirement Coaching is a specialty drawing upon traditional as well as mBIT coaching, and adding powerful new dimensions to the process by which we ReFire of our lives. It aims to help the coachee transition from an old and ineffective way of being into a new ReFired state of being and doing.

What is the uniqueness of ReFirement Coaching?

ReFirement coaching adds the following components to the coaching process.

1. Transition Map

Ancient cultures had, and many indigenous ones still have formal initiations and rites that smooth the process of change from one life phase to the next. Unfortunately, we moderns have no such formal rights. However, researchers have investigated and mapped a three step process with features and benefits that all such formal rites contained. 

interim-journey-03-280px-wideThe benefit of having a transition map is to work through life changes consciously, to more rapidly move forward to something truly new and wonderful. The alternatives are to blunder our way through with many chronologically, financialy, and emotionally consuming false starts, or speed our way through missing new opportunities, or falling back into patterns no longer appropriate to who we truly are becoming.

2. ReFirement Story

storyStory has been a part of our human inspiration to change our lives since ancient times, when people sat around the tribal fire in rites of passage and initiation. While we moderns have no such rites, story remains a powerful way to inspire change.

Today, the stories we have in our heads and tell about ourselves are still very powerful forces in determining how we feel and what we do. A tale of our past failures and suffering can keep us imprisoned in an old and outmoded state of being equally as effectively as if we were locked behind bars.

By bringing these unconscious stories to the surface, and by creating new heart-based and intentional stories, we can let go of the old and create new ones.

Based on hundreds of interviews, seminars and coaching sessions, Paul has uncovered a series of key questions that enable people to get to the heart of seven crucial elements of a heart based, compelling Refirement Story. For more on these questions get his free short read eBook 7 Questions to ReFire My Life

The benefit of having a ReFirement Story is that we have a brief and compelling way of seeing new possibilities in the present moment. And it enables us to tell others what we are about at the deepest level, request help appropriately, and to put our deepest desires into action from day to day. And that this is enough.

3. The enough mindset

light enough

The enough mindset says that no matter what happens in the darkness of past, present, or future, the best way to deal with the moment is to uncover and let shine who we truly are as enough. It means learning that here is no such thing as failure – just being, doing, and refiring. That is enough.

The benefit of the enough mindset is that it liberates us from chronic guilt, shame, and depression. It allows us to move with courage in spite of fear of the unknown and other internal and external roadblocks.

How does one begin ReFirement Coaching?

The first step to begin ReFirement Coaching is to request a free Discovery Session with Paul. In this 45 minute, in-depth dialogue, you and Paul will identify your priorities, and the specific outcomes you want. As you look at these priorities and outcomes, and as you get to know each other’s styles, you will decide together whether or not you are a match. If so, together you create an agreement that lays out clearly how you will work together.

To schedule a free ReFirement Discovery Session, email Paul at

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