Top 4 Things You Asked For in a Community of Peers

Here are the top 4 things you asked for in a community of peers.

community of peersIn the December poll of GoRefire News subscribers, I asked three questions. The first one was about what you are looking for from a community of peers. Here were your top four answers

  1. Insight into who I am and what contributions I can make for the common good
  2. A lesson in personal freedom.
  3. Support to grow myself. Inspiration for all, connection, trust
  4. Stories about others’ retirement

I also asked what are your biggest challenges. You answered:

  1. Narrowing my focus
  2. Finances and deep insecurity
  3. Love relationship
  4. Fear that I’ll waste my retirement by getting lazy

Finally, I asked what are your biggest opportunities. You answered:

  1. Living life to the hilt and learning something new every day
  2. To start each day afresh
  3. To tell my truth
  4. I’m getting close to retirement and will have the time and freedom to be me

Based on these answers, I’m considering a new and improved approach to Stay tuned!

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