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Traditional Coaching

Coaching comes in many different forms:

And Life Coaching comes in many different flavors or “models.”

A coaching ‘model’ tells you about the ‘what’ of coaching. It explains what coaching is and how it may help you. It proves that coaching is not about ‘having nice conversations’ but that it is based on a solid body of knowledge and produces specific results.

In a moment we’ll talk about the coaching process, which says how the coaching proceeds.

The traditional model of life coaching

Traditionally, life coaching is focused on achieving life goals. One example of a traditional coaching model is the GROW model. GROW stands for Goal, Reality, Options, Will. The framework provides a simple four-step structure for a coaching session:

Step 1: Goal. Coach and player agree on a specific aim, objective and topic for the discussion. This goal is not the longer-term objective that the player has. This desired outcome is to be achieved within the limits of the discussion.

Step 2: Reality. Both coach and player invite self-assessment and offer specific examples to illustrate their points and achieve the most accurate picture of the topic possible.

Step 3: Options. In the options stage the coach’s intention is to draw out a list of what all that is possible for the player to do without judgment and evaluation. Coach elicits suggestions from the coachee by asking effective questions and guides him/her towards making the right choices.

Step 4: Will. In this stage the coach’s intention is to gain commitment to action. Coach and coachee select the most appropriate options, commit to action, define the action plan, the next steps and a time frame for their objectives and identify how to overcome obstacles.

In this coaching model the aim has to do with action – some outcome that the coachee is seeking. However, traditional models are often head based and don’t take into account the emotional and motivational aspects of making changes.

In recent years, a revolutionary process of coaching has arisen called mBIT or Multiple Brain Integration Technique.

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